Changes to TTP

Updates on this blog have been few and far between, and we are writing this to tell you of recent changes in the TTP camp. As members of the core Initiating group we have all become increasingly busy with specific projects ( all fitting with key aspects of transition) and so have decided that we want to focus on these projects rather than the central initiating group.

So the spirit of transition lives on, albeit it in a more fluid form! Peckham and the surrounding area is full of great things happening that fit with the transition ethos and that are working to make it a more sustainable place to live. As such we would hope that if you are looking for something to get involved in you would look up one of the following projects. There are probably more we haven’t listed here!!

Hourbank: a local timebank to help people exchange skills and time. It is now using an online platform which you can sign up on – (look for the local branch)
FoodCycle. A weekly community meal cooked by volunteers and open to all. Uses surplus food collected from local shops and traders.
Glengall Wharf Community garden. An amazing garden located on surrey canal walk towards burgess park.
The Coal Line project looking at the feasibility of creating a green route along a disused coal sidings.
Goldsmiths nature garden and meeting house lane greening project.
Peckham vision. Doing lots of work and campaigning relating particularly to issues on rye lane. Including research into waste and rubbish on Rye Lane.
Lots of friends groups of local parks – such as Warwick gardens, Peckham Rye, Burgess Park, Brimmington Park.
Southwark Greenpeace
Southwark Cyclists
Divesting Southwark group campaigning re Southwark investments in energy.
Outside of Peckham ( at the moment) is South East London Community Energy. An energy company currently seeking investment and launching its membership.

In terms of communication: we are no longer going to use email or update our webpage, but we will continue to use our facebook page – mainly as a means of networking all the amazing things happening in and around Peckham. Please find us and follow us if you want to keep up to date with projects helping Peckham to become more sustainable.

If you are a part of a local group or project that sees itself contributing to a sustainable Peckham, and wants to become a part of a network please message us via our facebook page so we can build informal links among us all.

Finally if anyone feels keen to take up where we have left off and pick up the initiating group then please get in touch.

All the best! Paula, Gi, Jenny and Yvonne.

July 2014 update

Hello again, time for another update on all that has been going on in our little corner of the world, having once again failed spectacularly to have regularly updated our various social media communications!!


Most importantly can I draw your attention to an open TTP meeting on Thursday 31st July. 7.30pm at the Ivyhouse Pub.  We  want to give anyone who wants to join the initiating group, or wants to meet us, to come along and find out more. Please RSVP to this email address if you are coming, so that we have an idea of numbers and can plan accordingly.


So what have we been up to?

Paula has been busy working with Peckham Vision on many of the proposed changes and developments along Rye Lane and particularly around the station. I am sure many of you are all up to date with Peckham Visions news, but if not then it is well worth getting There is an important meeting this wed 23rd about the station gateway project at the CLF cafe. Drop in from 3-6pm and a meeting in the evening 7-9pm


Jen has been working on a plan to set up our very own Peckham foodcycle project, which will be a volunteer weekly event to create three course community feasts out of surplus food gathered from supermarkets and local traders. For more info see  Please  get involved, sign up via for updates to this project…


Bournemouth Close is one of the Pocket Place projects established by Sustrans. The veg is growing tall and healthy thanks to the tireless efforts of two young people to water it, soon it will be ready for harvesting… The area will be benefitting from some more permanent adaptations through Sustrans, and we have some ideas and plans on how to further green the space and make it a more pleasant interface between rye lane traders and local residents. We hope to be having a building day some time over the summer to build more planters and some pallet fences, please let us know if you want to come and help out.


We also still have the raised bed in Peckham Wildlife Garden, growing a few veg and plenty of strawberries!


Remember that there are a wealth of brilliant projects happening in and around Peckham, Glengall Wharf Garden are busy as bees and it all looks amazing there, and Incredible Edible Southark has its next network meeting on 30th JUly 6.30pm, at the Southbank centre.



All the best!

May 2015 Update

So things have all been a little busy and I keep forgetting to update the blog site, dear me! Growing season has hit so we have been busy raising seedlings  only to have them eaten by slugs, and have also started on our guerila gardening mission, tackling some tree bases on Holly Grove and also helping Sam and Jackie from the Cossall estate plant up an area to be looked after by the Woodcraft Folk group. The Incredible Edible session at the end of April at the Ivyhouse was interesting with info on the potential food hub to support food start ups off Rye Lane; and the Pocket Places project along Bournemouth close has been taking shape too. 

Last week we were involved in HOurbanks “Food for Thought” film screening event at Cinema6 and then also showed the documentary on Waste, “Trashed.” A great community cinema pilot based at Arcadia Missa just ofg Bellenden Road. For more info

On the theme of waste, this weekend I had some interesting conversations at Dulwich Open Houses with upcycler artists Carol Rumble who is based in Cornwall and makes plastic and driftwood sculptures from all the waste washed up on the beaches; and also with the Skip Sisters and Mark Thurgood who are all local maker artists

(Coming up this weekend is Nunhead Cemetary open day where we will have a table and then next week Wed 21st May is the “Pecking in Peckham” event at Frans house with her Chickens (actually in Forest Hill but never mind..) Please like our facebook page for updates, and find us on twitter. Email with ideas, questions or to get involved in, well anything really..



Harvey and Charis plant on Holly Grove


Bournemouth Close Pocket Place Garden


Seedlings in Kings Grove garden


All at Sea Carol Rumble



Holly Grove tree base

Help make it happen!

Pocket Places Peckham

One or two of you will hopefully have seen our first installation in place outside Peckham Plex Cinema, Rye Lane Orchard! It’s not finished yet, but it should be done soon so I hope you enjoy it, visitors to Peckham Plex on Friday were certainly savouring the new feel of the place, we’ve had some lovely comments already;

“I’m so pleased there are trees in the centre of Peckham now!”
“I’ll come back and sit here in summer.”
“I wish you all the luck in the world, I hope it survives the vandals.”
“Why can’t we have some of these on Chadwick Road?!”

“Saw the trees from the bus the other day – such a change already!” – Chelsea Fringe SE London Coordinator

“The trees are lovely! We were there last night for a big event and everybody was thrilled. Thank you!” – Director, Peckham Plex


But as you…

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Peckham Remade

So the, hopefully first of many, Peckham Remade event yesterday was a great success – thanks so much to everyone who came along. In the end there were 11 stall holders and over 100 visitors throughout the afternoon and despite the miserable weather outside. We were inspired with finger knitting, clothes made from jumpers, jewellery made from plastic bags and paper, the skip sisters making everything from anything and a whole tonne more. It was such a success we hope to run something similar later this year, maybe being bolder with the focus taking into account the suggestions and conversations we had during the day. We’ll post the details of the stall holders soon, but in the meantime here are some photos for inspiration




IMG_1842    IMG_1846IMG_1873  IMG_1838IMG_1853

Free course: climate change challenges and solutions

Have you heard of the 100months project, deliverying a monthly countdown to when the climate change tipping point is predicted (ie when run away climate change starts).  Well we’re now at month 35, or less than 3 years, to this point.. scary stuff.  More info here:

And this month they’re advertising a free online course run by Exeter University for those interested in finding out more about climate change and solutions to our worlds problems.. find out more here

Staying warm this winter

Are you having problems with heating your house or flat this winter?  The weather is miserable outside and we can all struggle to keep warm.  Southwark Citizens Advice bureau have a winter warmth line for Southwark tenants,Winter Warmth flyer A5

see also their for information on events and activities